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APEX Suspension Systems

APEX Springs provide better handling, ride and refinement that can only be achieved by a sports springs specialist like APEX®, who has all the knowledge and experience suspension.

APEX know-how has its roots in the early 80's when they supplied sport-springs for Group A Touring cars, in those early years APEX have now got an enormous amount of experience designing and manufacturing all kinds of sportsprings. Their expertise that culminates in APEX® Lowering Springs Program, enabling our customers to drive that experience.

• Reduces Roll
• Increases stability
• Reduces braking distance
• Gives your car a sporty look

Fitting an Apex Sport Kit on to your car, lowers the cars centre of gravity, which results in the car's road handling becomes considerably improved. Your car is not only safer around corners and handling buts it is also more of a pleasure to drive and look at, turning heads will turn as you drive by!



APEX Suspension