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Tarox test for obtaining the TÜV certificate for TAROX products consisted of a standard procedure for all braking components including Brake Discs and Pads. Tarox rigidly regulated by the above mentioned EC regulations. Both brake discs and the brake conversion kits were tested simulating the different stresses and strains on the brakes that are experienced in everyday usage and beyond. Shop online today
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Tarox Brake Pads

Tarox Brake Pads

No matter what your requirements from a brake pad TAROX will have something to suit your needs, whether it is for hard track day use or you just require a greater quality pad for your daily driver. TAROX pads are made from the highest quality materials developed to meet and exceed European regulations.

Three different compounds are available offering varying levels of performance and comfort. It is generally considered the higher performance the pad the less comfortable it will be for day to day driving conditions.

If you would like any more information regarding TAROX brake pads please use the form in the contact area.

  • Tarox Strada Brake Pads
  • Tarox Corsa Brake Pads
  • Tarox Track Brake Pads
Tarox Brake Discs

Tarox Brake Discs

Since the early 1980s TAROX brake discs have been associated with absolute quality. Blank casts used for TAROX discs, after having passed stringent quality controls, are subjected to structural stress relieving heat treatment at the end of each machining phase as a result of more than 30 years experience.

Facing is performed on CNC turning machines or – in the case of G88 discs – on in house custom built machinery.

Another distinguishing feature of TAROX brake discs is their perfectly level surface machined to a tolerance approaching 0.015 mm, achieved during the final finishing of the braking surfaces on grinding machines; each disc is ground individually by specialised operator resulting in that distinctive shining look.

TAROX discs work best when coupled with TAROX pads which have been specifically formulated to deliver optimum performance with heat treated discs.

  • Tarox Zero Brake Discs
  • Tarox G88 Brake Discs
  • Tarox Sport Japan Brake Discs
  • Tarox Sport F2000 Brake Discs
Tarox Big Brake Kits

Tarox Big Brake Kits

TAROX Calipers
TAROX offer a variety of calipers to suit various applications and customer requirements. In order to choose the most appropriate specification calipers for each brake conversion kit TAROX adhere to the following guidelines

Piston Number
In principle the more the better, the benefit in having multi pistons can be summed up as follows:

  • Perpendicularly distributed pressure on the pads, resulting in more even wear of the brake pad
  • Smaller pistons compared to those used on traditional calipers work perfectly parallel to the piston chambers, thus avoiding wear and loss of brake fluid
  • Increased cooling action of the pads, due to more airflow behind the pad’s back plate
  • Less stress factor on the caliper itself
  • More clamping action resulting in more braking power due to the presence of more pistons
  • Firmer pedal

Piston Size
The diameter of the pistons in the calipers are specific to each application to take into account the car’s master cylinder. Fitting a TAROX kit does not involve the replacement or the modification of other brake components (e.g. master cylinder, servo) and does not interfere with electronic devices like the ABS or SBS.

Brake Caliper Colour
All TAROX calipers come with grey or black hard (450 Wickers) anodising for maximum life. Colour anodised calipers can be specified and although glamorous looking, they demand more care and attention and do not deliver the same durability as the grey or black hard anodised calipers. Extra care must be used when cleaning alloy wheels because some cleaning product are acid based and may damage the calipers, for best results always remove the wheel before cleaning.

Brake Caliper Maintenance
All TAROX brake calipers are designed to be used without the need to be periodically serviced. The way each piston works in the chamber and the use of O-rings to keep out the dirt, dust and other agents does not require the use of dustcaps. It is advised that only experienced professionals dismantle the calipers: replacement components including O-ring fitted pistons can be ordered at your nearest TAROX distributor.

Brake Kit Pads
TAROX brake calipers have been designed to host large brake pads or – in the case of the B350, B380 and B400 calipers – 4 pads in each caliper.
Kits can be specified with any of the following compounds-

Intended Use

  • Fast Road
  • Fast road and track days
  • Motor racing