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We Are Awesome - Don't Let Anybody Tell You Different!

  • Jim - Awesome GTI

    Jim  Managing Director

    Started Awesome in 1989, the business started as a hobby and has progressed to the professional company that it is today.

    Nickname: Jimbo Position: Director / Engineer Top Website: Ebay Current Car: T5GP Transporter Ideal Car: - Top Quote: "Would Be Rude Not To"

  • Mark - Awesome GTI

    Mark  Operations Director

    Mark has a pedigree within the industry, from previous form running a large service garage and being National Sales Manager For Performance Parts Direct.

    Nickname: Masha Position: Director / Operations Top Website: Ultimate Reef Current Car: Mercedes AMG C43  Ideal Car: - Top Quote: "You're Sacked"

  • John - Awesome GTI

    John  Sales

    Chief of the sales team, Extensive history in the VW Scene, including a stint with Dubsport

    Nickname: - Position: SalesTop Website: TT Forum / Rightmove Current Car: Polo 1.9TDI 100pd Ideal Car: Audi A4 B6/B7 1.9TDI Quattro  Top Quote: "it's John O'clock"

  • Mike - Awesome GTI

    Mike  Parts / eCommerce

    Mike has been with Awesome for over a year and a half and has settled into the team and is now a full part of the Awesome furniture.

    Nickname: Mike O'Biscuit Position: Parts / Online Orders Top Website: BMW Forums Current Car: The other half's VW Fox Ideal Car: E46 M3 - Dakar Yellow Top Quote: "Ring em' up!"

  • Hassan - Awesome GTI

    Hassan  Sales

    Joined the team in 2011.... Hassan has been an existing customer of Awesome for many years and is a grade A student in the MAF division

    Nickname: AwesomeHassan Position: Sales / Forums Top Website: Piston Heads Current Car: Golf Mk5 Edition 30 Ideal Car: - Top Quote: "I understand"

  • Al - Awesome GTI

    Al  Sales / eBay / eCommerce

    Well what can i say about this man.....very very meticulous and a great asset to Awesome, he has extensive knowledge in the aftermarket parts.

    Nickname: AwesomeAl Position: Sales / eBay / eCommerce Top Website: Ebay Current Car: Jetta 2.0T FSI Ideal Car: - Top Quote: "Shpoople"

  • Andy - Awesome GTI

    Andy  Parts

    Been with Awesome a few years now and is the man responsible for your parcels. We call him the nutter as he apparently has been seen and heard dancing to his little radio.

    Nickname: Nutter Position: Parts / Orders Top Website: - Current Car: Golf MK4 1.8T  Ideal Car: - Top Quote: "Be 'reet"

  • Andrea - Awesome GTI

    Andrea  Accounts

    Andrea has been a part timer for some time now. She is the lady in the counting house and keeps the Business flowing by paying the bills and chasing monies.

    Nickname: - Position: Accounts Top Website: - Current Car: E46 BMW 320D Ideal Car: - Top Quote: "Love Thy Neighbour"

  • Adam - Awesome GTI

    Adam  Dispatch / Order Tracking

    Information coming soon.

    Nickname: Bungalow Position: Dispatch / Order Tracking Top Website: Current Car: SEAT Ibiza MK2 2.0 GTI Ideal Car: SEAT Ibiza MK3 20VT Top Quote: "ERRRRRMMMMMMM!!!!!!!!!!!"

Workshop Team - Alan | Tabby | Joe | Zion | Jon

Alan - Awesome GTI Tabby - Awesome GTI Joe - Awesome GTI

Zion - Awesome GTI Jon - Awesome GTI