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We Are Awesome - Don't Let Anybody Tell You Different!

  • Jim - Awesome GTI

    Jim  Managing Director

    Started Awesome in 1989, the business started as a hobby and has progressed to the professional company that it is today.

    Nickname: Jimbo Position: Director / Engineer Top Website: Ebay Current Car: T5GP Transporter Ideal Car: - Top Quote: "Would Be Rude Not To"

  • Mark - Awesome GTI

    Mark  Operations Director

    Mark has a pedigree within the industry, from previous form running a large service garage and being National Sales Manager For Performance Parts Direct.

    Nickname: Masha Position: Director / Operations Top Website: Ultimate Reef Current Car: APR Stage 3 Golf 'R'  Ideal Car: - Top Quote: "You're Sacked"

  • John - Awesome GTI

    John  Sales team leader

    Chief of the sales team, Extensive history in the VW Scene, including a stint with Dubsport

    Nickname: Johnny G Position: Sales team leaderTop Website: TT Forum / Rightmove Current Car: Polo 1.9TDI 100pd Ideal Car: Audi A4 TDI Quattro  Top Quote: Deal with it...

  • Al - Awesome GTI

    Al  Product & Promotion

    Well what can I say about this man... Very very meticulous and a great asset to Awesome, he has extensive knowledge in tuning parts and technical stuff.

    Nickname: - Position: Sales / eCommerce Top Website: eBay Current Car: BMW Z4 3.0Si Coup√©Ideal Car: BMW Z4 'M' Coupé Top Quote: "Shpoople!!"

  • Hassan - Awesome GTI

    Hassan  Sales

    Joined the team in 2011.... Hassan has been an existing customer of Awesome for many years and is a grade A student in the MAF division

    Nickname: H Position: Sales / Forums Top Website: 'R' Forum Current Car: Golf Mk5 Edition 30 Ideal Car: anything Ferrari Top Quote: "I understand"

  • Mike - Awesome GTI

    Mike  Purchasing & Warehouse

    Mike has been with Awesome for over 3 and a half years and has settled into the team and is now a fully fledged part of the Awesome furniture.

    Nickname: Mike O'Biscuit Position: Parts / Online Orders Top Website: M3 Cutters Current Car: E46 BMW M3 Ideal Car: My current car, with more mods! Top Quote: "Ring em' up!"

  • Andy - Awesome GTI

    Andy  Parts

    Been with Awesome a few years now and is the man responsible for all our workshop parts and suppliers. We call him the nutter as he apparently has been seen and heard dancing to his little radio.

    Nickname: Nutter Position: Parts / Orders Top Website: Banned Fightwear Current Car: Golf MK4 Variant 130pd  Ideal Car: - Top Quote: "Be 'reet"

  • Adam - Awesome GTI

    Adam  Dispatch / Order Tracking

    Adam has been with us just over a year now. He's super efficient at packing up your orders and getting them out the door! His favourite things are cardboard and packing tape.

    Nickname: Russel Position: Dispatch / Order Tracking Top Website: Current Car: SEAT Ibiza MK2 2.0 GTI Ideal Car: SEAT Ibiza MK3 20VT Top Quote: "ERRRMMMM!!!!!!!!!!!"

  • Matthew - Awesome GTI

    Matthew  eBay Sales / Listings

    Matthew has been with us for a short while dealing with all our eBay listings, be it new parts, clearance parts or used parts. He is quickly settling into the team and working hard to get jobs done!

    Nickname: -  Position: eBay Sales / Listings  Top Website: eBay Current Car: Mk3.5 Golf Cabrio Ideal Car: - Top Quote: -

  • Andrea - Awesome GTI

    Andrea  Accounts

    Andrea has been a part timer for some time now. She is the lady in the counting house and keeps the Business flowing by paying the bills and chasing monies.

    Nickname: - Position: Accounts Top Website: - Current Car: E46 BMW 320D Ideal Car: - Top Quote: "Love Thy Neighbour"

Workshop Team - John P | Alan | Tabby | Joe

John P - Awesome GTI Alan - Awesome GTI Tabby - Awesome GTI

Joe - Awesome GTI