ASNU TFSi / TSI (GDI & MPI) Injector Servicing and Testing

Our servicing and testing includes: Initial testing of the injectors, to check for an equal, balanced flow, spray pattern and to see if they are leaking.

Ultra sonic cleaning. This removes the build up of carbon within the injector. This build up over time will reduce flow and alter the all important spray pattern of your injector. The effects this will have on your car are a loss in performance, reduction in fuel economy, misfires and in the worst of cases engine damage.

A second test is then carried out to measure any improvement in flow and if there was any leaking or altered spray pattern, that had been corrected.

You will be given a report on each injector tested.

Direct Injectors (GDI) £30.00 inc. vat each / Port injectors (MPI) £15.00 incl. vat each.

Performance filter baskets and graphite seals are available at £5 per injector including vat.

Please contact us prior to sending us your injectors to ensure we collect your contact information and to highlight if you have any issues or concerns about your injectors before testing. Return postage is charged at £7.99.

Fitting Service Available

We are able to remove, clean, service and replace your injectors.

You are also able to combine this service with a full intake carbon clean. Please see our Intake Valve Carbon Clean page.

We can also carry out a rolling road check before and after either injector testing or full carbon clean with power runs and logging session.

Please call for pricing 0161 776 0777.