APR PEX Open Intake System - MQB - EA211 1.5TSI

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APR PEX Open Intake System - MQB - EA211 1.5TSI


APR PEX Open Intake System - MQB - EA211 1.5TSI

The APR Open PEX intake system is the best price/performance intake system on the market and has already been installed thousands of times in vehicles.
The sound and performance of the engine were significantly increased and the restrictive area in the intake tract was eliminated. This made it possible to reduce the pressure loss and increase the efficiency of the turbocharger while doing the same work. This results in more power and torque while reducing load.

The system uses a washable 7-inch and very high quality conical cotton filter that has a 4-inch connection.
This was also necessary to reduce the standard pressure drop and maximize the airflow while also significantly increasing the sound aspect.

The PEX material conducts heat very poorly, which also benefits the system and therefore ideally contributes to increasing performance.
The PEX material still gives the engine compartment a touch of stock component, as far as you can say for an open air filter. The material also offers the advantage that almost any design can be realized. This made it possible to create an extremely complex and organic shape of the heat shield, which can effectively shield the hot air from below.


  • Improved intake noise

  • Reduction of pressure loss

  • Increases the efficiency of the turbocharger

  • ore power and torque

  • High quality cotton filter

  • Airflow is maximized

  • Made from PEX material

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