Awesome/Forge 5x100 Hubcentric Wheel Spacer Kit with Bolts

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SKU: AWE0039
quickcode: AWE0039
brands: Forge Motorsport
model: A1
model: A2
model: A3 8L
model: Bora
model: Fabia Mk1
model: Fabia Mk2
model: Fox
model: Golf Mk3
model: Golf Mk4
model: Ibiza 6J
model: Ibiza 6K
model: Ibiza 6L
model: Leon Mk1
model: Octavia Mk1
model: Polo 9N
model: Polo 9N3
model: S1
model: Toledo 1M
model: Toledo 5P
model: Toledo NH
model: Touran
model: TT MK1
model: Vento
part: Suspension
SubPart: Wheel Spacers

20mm Spacer options are Currently on Backorder until Approx. 12th Jul 2024

Awesome/Forge 5x100 Hubcentric Wheel Spacer Kit with Bolts

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Awesome/Forge 5x100 Hubcentric Wheel Spacer Kit with Bolts


Introducing the Awesome x Forge Wheel Spacer and Bolt Kits! 

Wheel spacer and bolt kits to suit your 5x100 / 57.1mm VAG vehicle for a quick and easy solution.
These kits are designed to work with Genuine OE Alloy Wheels and come with the Wheel Spacers and the correct wheel bolts to suit. 
We highly recommend that you measure your vehicle fully loaded to see what size spacers are required. 

- Wheel spacer sizes should be carefully considered
- It is the responsibility of the purchaser to measure up before ordering

- Wheel bolts included use the standard 17mm Hex, so no need for any special tools
- Designed to work with Genuine OE Alloy Wheels 
- May not be compatible with Aftermarket Alloy Wheels
- 11mm Pair Only are suitable only for the Front Axle
- Wheel bolts should be tightened to 120nm (88.5lb/ft) and rechecked after 25 miles. 

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Customer reviews

4 Reviews Write a Reviews
  • Forge 5x100 Wheel Spacers

    Posted by Kieren Kemp on 8th Mar 2024

    Fantastic quality, has transformed the stance of my Polo AW GTI (13mm front, 16mm rear). The only alteration I would make is the option of adding a set of extended locking wheel nuts with the kit as I’m having to source these separately.

  • Great Product

    Posted by Ollie on 2nd Aug 2022

    A good little package that saves time by giving you everything you need. The spacers helped a lot with my wheel fitment and are made of high quality machined metal

  • 5x100 Spacers

    Posted by Daniel on 4th Nov 2020

    Well made spacers, good quality, perfect fitment. Got the 11mm/16mm on my VW Polo BlueGT and it looks mint.

    Can 100% recommend.

  • Dave Collict

    Posted by Dave Collict on 30th Aug 2019

    A very well made set of wheel spacers and they come with the correct wheel bolts.

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