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Haldex Servicing


The Haldex 4wd System used on the Transverse Mounted VAG 4 Wheel Drive Systems consists of two components, A Haldex Clutch Coupling and the Rear Final Drive Differential.

Haldex coupling  - This is a wet multi-plate clutch system operated by a fluid pump (Haldex Controller) which requires servicing every 20,000 miles in the way of fresh Haldex Oil and a new Haldex Filter.

Final Drive Differential – This  is the mechanical system which provides the drive to the two rear wheels. This uses a lubricating gear oil which according to the owner’s manual is a lifetime fluid. Many of our customers however choose to replace this oil between 50,000 and 75,000 miles as a matter of preventative maintenance.

Generation 1 Haldex Oil and Filter Service - £99.00
- Haldex Generation 1 is seen on the Audi TT Mk1, S3 8L, Bora 4motion, and Golf Mk4 4motion as well as a few other models.

Generation 2 Haldex Oil and Filter Service - £114.00
- Haldex Generation 2 is seen on the Golf Mk5 R32, Pre-Facelift A3/S3 8P Quattro and a few other models

Generation 4 Hadlex Oil Change - £89.00
Generation 4 Haldex Oil Change and Pump Strainer Clean - £134.00
- Haldex Generation 4 is seen on the Mk6 and Mk7 Golf R, TT-RS, Volkswagen Tiguan and a few other models

Haldex Final Drive Differential Oil Change – £65.00

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