Schwaben Wheel Installation Tool - M12 and M14 available

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SKU: ECS0043
quickcode: ECS-ES####
brands: Schwaben
model: A1
model: A2
model: A3 8L
model: A3 8P
model: A3 8V
model: A4 B5
model: A4 B6
model: A4 B7
model: A4 B8
model: A5
model: A6
model: A6 C4
model: A6 C5
model: A6 C6
model: A6 C7
model: A7
model: A8
model: Alhambra
model: All
model: Allroad
model: Altea
model: Amarok
model: Arosa
model: Beetle
model: Bora
model: Cabriolet
model: Caddy
model: California
model: Citigo
model: Cordoba
model: Corrado
model: E9X M3
model: Eos
model: Exeo
model: F82 M4
model: Fabia Mk1
model: Fabia Mk2
model: Favorit
model: Felcia
model: Fox
model: Gallardo
model: Golf Mk1
model: Golf Mk2
model: Golf Mk3
model: Golf Mk4
model: Golf Mk5
model: Golf Mk6
model: Golf Mk7
model: Ibiza 6J
model: Ibiza 6K
model: Ibiza 6L
model: Inca
model: Jetta
model: Jetta I
model: Jetta II
model: Leon Mk1
model: Leon Mk2
model: Leon Mk3
model: Lupo
model: Mii
model: Octavia Mk1
model: Octavia Mk2
model: Octavia Mk3
model: Passat B4
part: Alloys and Wheel Related
SubPart: Wheel Spacers
subtitle: Ideal for use when fitting wheel spacers!

Schwaben Wheel Installation Tool - M12 and M14 available

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Schwaben Wheel Installation Tool - M12 and M14 available


No more crossed arms, dropped wheels, or smashed fingers! Safely and comfortably remove and install wheels with this tool.

Also known as wheel hangers, these amazingly easy to use tools simplify installation and removal of wheels from your VAG car, especially when working on a vehicle with wheel spacers.

Install the wheel hanger in a hub bolt thread before putting a wheel on. Then hang the wheel on the long shaft and screw in the remaining wheel bolts. The installation stud is knurled at one end for easy installation and removal by hand.

Available in:.
- M12 x 1.5 to suit 4 Stud VAG 
- M14 x 1.5 to suit 5 Stud VAG

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