Forge 20mm (per side) hubcentric spacers (pair) Black 5x100/5x112-57.1

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quickcode: FOR-FMWS20
brands: Forge Motorsport
model: A1
model: A2
model: A3 8L
model: A3 8P
model: A3 8V
model: A4 B5
model: A4 B6
model: A4 B7
model: Altea
model: Beetle
model: Bora
model: Caddy
model: Eos
model: Exeo
model: Fabia Mk1
model: Fabia Mk2
model: Golf Mk4
model: Golf Mk5
model: Golf Mk6
model: Golf Mk7
model: Ibiza 6J
model: Ibiza 6K
model: Ibiza 6L
model: Jetta
model: Leon Mk1
model: Leon Mk2
model: Leon Mk3
model: Octavia Mk1
model: Octavia Mk2
model: Octavia Mk3
model: Passat B5
model: Passat B5.5
model: Passat B6
model: Passat B7
model: Passat CC
model: Polo 6R
model: Polo 9N
model: Polo 9N3
model: RS3
model: S1
model: S3
model: Scirocco
model: Toledo 1M
model: Toledo 5P
model: Toledo NH
model: Touran
model: TT MK1
model: TT MK2
model: TT RS
model: Vento
model: Yeti
part: Suspension
SubPart: Wheel Spacers
subtitle: Fits: 5x100 / 5x112 - 57.1mm Centre Bore

Backordered until approx 12th Jul 2024

Forge 20mm (per side) hubcentric spacers (pair) Black 5x100/5x112-57.1


These CNC machined precision alloy wheel spacers from Forge Motorsport are 20 mm thick with a dual 5 stud bolt pattern for both 100 and 112mm PCD fitments.
The spacers are anodised black to inhibit corrosion and "bonding" to the wheel or hub.
These spacers are suitable for most vehicles produced by the Volkswagen, SEAT, Audi, Skoda group.
An 20mm spacer will give an overall track increase of 40mm when fitted to both sides of an axle.

- Sold in Pairs
- Wheel bolts are not supplied

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  • Shop By Car/Volkswagen/Bora
  • Shop By Car/Volkswagen/Caddy Mk3/Mk4 (2K)/Wheel Spacers
  • Shop By Car/Volkswagen/EOS
  • Shop By Car/Volkswagen/Fox
  • Shop By Car/Volkswagen/Golf Mk3/Wheel Spacers
  • Shop By Car/Volkswagen/Golf Mk4/Wheel Spacers
  • Shop By Car/Volkswagen/Golf Mk5/Wheel Spacers
  • Shop By Car/Volkswagen/Golf Mk6/Wheel Spacers
  • Shop By Car/Volkswagen/Golf Mk7/Wheel Spacers
  • Shop By Car/Volkswagen/Golf Mk8
  • Shop By Car/Volkswagen/Jetta Mk5
  • Shop By Car/Volkswagen/Jetta Mk6
  • Shop By Car/Volkswagen/New Beetle (9C/1Y)
  • Shop By Car/Volkswagen/Passat B5.5
  • Shop By Car/Volkswagen/Passat B6
  • Shop By Car/Volkswagen/Passat CC
  • Shop By Car/Volkswagen/Polo 9n
  • Shop By Car/Volkswagen/Polo 9n3
  • Shop By Car/Volkswagen/Polo 6R/6C/Wheel Spacers
  • Shop By Car/Volkswagen/Scirocco/Wheel Spacers
  • Shop By Car/Volkswagen/Touran (Mk1 03-15)
  • Shop By Car/Audi/A1 (8X 10-18)/Wheel Spacers
  • Shop By Car/Audi/A2 (99-05)
  • Shop By Car/Audi/A3 (8L 96-03)/Wheel Spacers
  • Shop By Car/Audi/A3 (8P 03-13)/Wheel Spacers
  • Shop By Car/Audi/A3 (8V 12-20)/Wheel Spacers
  • Shop By Car/Audi/A3 (8Y 2020-)
  • Shop By Car/Audi/A4 (B5)
  • Shop By Car/Audi/A4 (B6)
  • Shop By Car/Audi/A4 (B7)
  • Shop By Car/Audi/RS3 (8P)
  • Shop By Car/Audi/RS4 (B5)
  • Shop By Car/Audi/S1/Wheel Spacers
  • Shop By Car/Audi/S3 (8L 99-03)/Wheel Spacers
  • Shop By Car/Audi/S3 (8P)/Wheel Spacers
  • Shop By Car/Audi/S3 (8V)/Wheel Spacers
  • Shop By Car/Audi/S4 (B5)
  • Shop By Car/Audi/TT Mk1 (8N)/Wheel Spacers
  • Shop By Car/Audi/TT Mk2 (8J)
  • Shop By Car/Audi/TT RS (8J)/Wheel Spacers
  • Shop By Car/SEAT/Altea
  • Shop By Car/SEAT/Arosa
  • Shop By Car/SEAT/Exeo
  • Shop By Car/SEAT/Ibiza Mk4 (6L)
  • Shop By Car/SEAT/Ibiza Mk5 (6J)
  • Shop By Car/SEAT/Leon Mk1 (1M)
  • Shop By Car/SEAT/Leon Mk2 (1P)
  • Shop By Car/SEAT/Leon Mk3 (5F)/Wheel Spacers
  • Shop By Car/SEAT/Toledo Mk2 (1M)

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