ST Modular 'DZX' Wheel Spacers - 5x120- 65.1mm

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brands: ST Suspension
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ST Modular 'DZX' Wheel Spacers - 5x120- 65.1mm

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ST Modular 'DZX' Wheel Spacers - 5x120- 65.1mm


ST Modular 'DZX' Wheel Spacers - 5x120 - 65.1mm

ST spacers are mounted between the wheel hub and alloy wheels. The result is a widened track, improved stance and an increased handling performance. ST spacers also give the impression of a wider rim. This is a simple and effective way to achieve a sportier appearance with tuneable driving dynamics. The ST spacers are available in black anodised aluminium.

  • Made from high quality aluminium
  • Black anodised for corrosion protection
  • Improved stance
  • Widened track
  • Matching wheel bolts available (in black and silver)
ST's revolutionary 'DZX' Module Wheel Spacer System

Through-hole system with multi bolt holes and patented centre adaptors for cars with wheel bolts AND wheel studs. For Spacers up to 10 mm per wheel the wheel spacer is precisely centred on the wheel hub with the flat centre adaptor. From 12.5 mm per wheel the long centre adaptor offers a double centring on the wheel hub and for the rim which guarantees an optimal concentrically. Longer wheel bolts are required.

  • Box contents: 2 wheel spacers system DZX, 2 centre adaptors

- Fitment 5x120 PCD - 65.1mm Centre Bore

- These do not come with longer bolts so you will require longer wheel bolts
- Please measure your arches for clearance before choosing which size spacers to purchase
- Widening the track of your vehicle may require wheel arch modifications
- Measurements listed a PER SPACER. If you buy the 12.5mm Option, you will widen the track of the vehicle by 25mm
- Spacers under 12.5mm are not hubcentric and do not have a spiggot extension
- Sold in Pairs

  • Suspension/Wheel Spacers
  • Shop By Car/Volkswagen/Transporter (T6)
  • Shop By Car/Volkswagen/Transporter (T5)/Wheel Spacers

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