Awesome TDI Remap for the 1.9TDI 'PD' 100 Engine

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SKU: AWE9010
quickcode: SV-REMAP-AWE-TDI-A
brands: Awesome
model: A3 8L
model: A4 B6
model: Beetle
model: Bora
model: Fabia Mk1
model: Golf Mk4
model: Ibiza 6L
model: Leon Mk1
model: Octavia Mk1
model: Passat B5
model: Passat B5.5
model: Polo 9N
model: Polo 9N3
model: Toledo 1M
part: Engine
SubPart: Remaps and Software
subtitle: Application: 1.9TDI 100bhp 'PD' Engine

Awesome TDI Remap for the 1.9TDI 'PD' 100 Engine

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Awesome TDI Remap for the 1.9TDI 'PD' 100 Engine


Awesome TDI Remap for the 1.9TDI 100bhp Engine.

This remapping service is carried out at our workshop premises in Irlam, Manchester (M44 5AH)
Our Awesome remaps are developed in house with Performance, Economy and Reliability in mind.
We also offer with this service a 30-Day Money Back Guarantee.

Standard performance figures:
- Power: 100 bhp
- Torque: 177 lb/ft

Expected remapped performance figures:
- Power: 135 - 140 bhp
- Torque: 220 - 230 lb/ft

We include Rolling Road power runs at no additional cost, as well as a before/after logging session to ensure the vehicle is a good candidate for the job.

If you’d like to make a booking, please contact the workshop enquiries team on 0161 776 0777 (option 1)

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