Schwaben Car Ramp - Pair

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Schwaben Car Ramp - Pair


These Schwaben Ramps are  lightweight at only 4 lbs each and easy to carry and maneuver. They will not slip, slide or scoot on any surface and never scratches or marks your floor. These ramps are 100% solid core construction for additional strength. These are ideal for smaller sports cars with short noses. Please take measurement below before ordering. Great for quick oil changes and underbody maintenance. Fits tires up to 8" wide. One set holds up to 3000 lbs. Ramps have have handy carrying straps.

Please see handy chart below to see if our 30" Schwaben ramps are right for your vehicle!

How to measure your car for fitment.

1. Take a yard stick, wedge it under the front inside edge of the front tire.

2. Raise the yard stick up until it hits the underside of your car( the spoiler.

3. Measure from the tip of the yardstick to the ground, vertically.

If your measurement is 10.5" or greater, you can clear the ramps without a problem.

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Customer reviews

1 Review Write a Reviews
  • Schwaben ramps.

    Posted by Neal on 15th Jun 2024

    I have used these a few times since purchase and all good so far. Light and easy to use, driving on and reversing on. The lip that stops you 'falling off' could do with being slightly higher, I have a helper to signal to me when I am up. Go up nice and easy and you wont have an issue. The bottom of my wheel arch liner/ undertray lip catches very slightly on the way up but does not cause any issue. I highly recommend this product.

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