JXB FK Bearings - Regular Rear Inner Bushings - With Control Arms, B6/7 Model

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JXB FK Bearings - Regular Rear Inner Bushings - With Control Arms, B6/7 Model

  • Increased steering response and feedback

  • Increased road feel

  • Perfectly maintained alignment settings under load (more grip, less tire wear on track)

  • No binding or flexing

What's Included
  • 6 spherical control arm bushings with motorsport-grade PFTE-lined spherical bearings

    • 2 Front LCA Forward Inner

    • 2 Front LCA Shock Fork

    • 2 Front LCA Rearward Inner

  • FK WSSX10T bearings are standard, optional upgrade to Aurora PWB-10T bearings

    • Both options feature a stainless steel ball and race and bonded PTFE liner

  • Caster-increasing rearward offset bushing available

  • Pressed into high-quality OE-equivalent Delphi arms

  • B5 A4/S4/RS4

  • B6/7 A4/S4/RS4

  • C5 A6/S6/RS6/allroad

  • D2 A8/S8

  • B5.5 Passat

  • Vehicles with steel and aluminum uprights have different ball joint sizes. If purchasing assembled control arms, please make sure to select the correct option.


We use only the highest quality motorsport-grade PTFE-lined bearings for best performance and lifespan. We use high strength 7075 aluminum for the bolt sleeves, and 6061 for the bearing cups. Bearings are interference-fit into the cups, so they won’t rattle. Both internal and external retaining rings ensure everything will always stay in place.

Please note that lifespan will vary based on the application and driving conditions. Spherical bearings do have moving parts, so they do wear. Our bearing kits are fully rebuildable. Please contact us for rebuild kits.

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