Vagbremtechnic 'Drilled' 340mm Front Brake Discs (MQB)

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SKU: VBT5014
quickcode: VBT-5529844212D
brands: Vagbremtechnic
model: Golf Mk7
model: Leon Mk3
model: S3 8V
model: TT Mk3
model: Octavia Mk3
part: Brakes
SubPart: Brake Discs

Vagbremtechnic 'Drilled' 340mm Front Brake Discs (MQB)


VBT drilled brake discs are designed and manufactured to the highest quality to help improve braking performance. The placement of each perforation is not just aesthetic - they are designed to maximise performance even in the poorest of weather conditions due to their excellent ability to expel water. They also offer improved bite characteristics due to better friction coefficiency. On top of all this, they have a durable anti-corrosive coating to keep them looking great for longer.

So to summarise:

•             Maximum performance in extreme braking conditions

•             Improved wet weather performance

•             Improved friction coefficiency

•             Excellent bite characteristics

•             Anti-corrosive coating

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