Awesome Disc and Pad Combo - MQB Platform 340mm F / 310mm R

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Awesome Disc and Pad Combo - MQB Platform 340mm F / 310mm R

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Awesome Disc and Pad Combo - MQB Platform 340mm F / 310mm R


Awesome X Vagbremtechnic X RacingLine Fast Road Disc and Pad Combo 
For MQB Vehicles running the 340mm Front Disc Setup and 310mm Rear Disc Setup

VBT Hooked Discs: 
Vagbremtechnic adapted the Hooked Design onto OEM discs for the following reasons.

For road use we decided to opt for the version where the outer grooves do not run out to the outer edge but stay within the confines of the disc face. For road applications they also generate less noise than straight or curved groove discs and don't suffer the fatigue cracking that drilled disc users can experience after many heat cycles.
Vagbremtechnic take a High Carbon Steel Disc, and machine the handed 'hooked' pattern into them, which is what separates these from a standard disc.

RacingLine RP700 Pads: 
RacingLine's new RP700 Brake Pads are replacement brake pads for cars using the standard brake hardware, with applications for multiple MQB performance models.

Drive your car hard and the chances are you’ve experienced brake fade at some point. That’s where our High Performance RP700 Brake Pads come in. Using an advanced high friction material, these new pads provide a dramatic improvement in the braking department. 
A straight replacement for the factory pads using the standard brakes, yet delivering a much higher resistance to high temperature fade.

Electronic / Mechanical Handbrake: 
- If your vehicle has the electronic 'Switch' for the handbrake, then your vehicle has the Electronic Handbrake system.
- If your vehicle has a traditional 'Handbrake Lever', then your vehicle has the Mechanical Handbrake System.

Not suitable for the Mk3 Audi TTS

Looking to take your braking setup a little further? 
We also stock RacingLine Brake Hoses: HERE
And the RacingLine Brake Fluid: HERE




VBT Hooked Front Discs (340mm): 5529844212H

VBT Hooked Rear Discs (310mm): 5440744126H 

Racingline RP700 Front Pads (340mm): VWR670006

Racingline RP700 Rear Pads (310mm) - Electronic Handbrake: VWR670007

Racingline RP700 Rear Pads (310mm) - Mechanical Handbrake: VWR670008

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Customer reviews

1 Review Write a Reviews
  • Excellent quality and great value brake combo

    Posted by Kyle on 12th Jan 2024

    Really pleased with the quality of these discs and pads. The feel of the brakes are a night and day difference compared to the OEM discs and pads, they inspire much more confidence when driving. Even comes with some ceramic grease for fitting the pads!

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