Racingline Performance R600 Hi-Flow Turbo Inlet Elbow EA888 Gen3

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SKU: VWR0203
quickcode: VWR12G7R600ITINLET
brands: Racingline Performance
model: Golf Mk7
model: Leon Mk3
model: A3 8V
model: S3 8V
model: Octavia Mk3
part: Engine
SubPart: Silicone Hoses
SubPart: Engine Tuning

Racingline Performance R600 Hi-Flow Turbo Inlet Elbow EA888 Gen3


The Racingline Performance High Flow Turbo Inlet has been engineered as a simple upgrade to significantly increase air flow into the turbocharger. It’s the perfect complement to either our R600 Cold Air Intake, the standard airbox or indeed any other aftermarket intake system.    

A simple fitment, the Racingline Performance High Flow Turbo Inlet is a large diameter, free flowing intake elbow, CNC machined from aluminium billet to replace the small and restrictive plastic factory inlet.

Without it the potential of any high flow intake system is wasted because any smooth flowing intake charge has to taper down to pass through the tight and restrictive bend of the factory part.   

The result? Back-to-back comparisons against the factory elbow on our flow bench reveals an impressive improvement in airflow. We’ve seen some surprisingly significant power and torque increases from the fitment of the Racingline Performance High Flow Turbo Inlet as a result of the faster turbo spool and increased airflow it generates. It’s also possible to hear an enhanced sound from the turbo which comes as another benefit for any enthusiast.

Suitable for all MQB Based vehicles with the EA888 Gen 3 and EA888 Gen 3B engines!

Notes for Ibiza, Polo and S1
If you are planning to use this item on an Ibiza 1.8TFSI, Polo 1.8TFSI or Audi S1 2.0TFSI
You will need to purchase an additional PCV Breather Pipe. 
The part number for this is: 06K 103 213A and it can be ordered from your local main dealer. 
It will also need to be fitted with one of the Racingline Silicone Intake hoses, as the original intake hose is too small a diameter to fit over the inlet elbow. The hose will need to be trimmed. 


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Customer reviews

8 Reviews Write a Reviews
  • Racingline performance r600 turbo inlet elbow

    Posted by Steve.P on 23rd Oct 2021

    well made part , i recommend using silicone grease to ease it on to the turbo. also i could not refit original hose, so i had to buy the raceline silicone hose.

  • Audi S3 8v

    Posted by Gavin on 3rd Jan 2020

    Very easy to fit and looks loads better than the standard inlet.

  • OEM Fitment.

    Posted by Thomas Toget Pedersen on 18th Aug 2018

    This looks and feels so well made. It has an OEM fitment on the mk7.5 GTI Performance. Easy to fit, but i do recommend taking out the battery to get a little more room.

  • Feels a little stronger at the top end!

    Posted by Marc on 10th Jan 2018

    So, I bought this along with a panel filter and inlet hose for my 2016 8V S3. More induction noise, faster spool up times, feels a little stronger at the top end, but i am yet to confirm this, overall very happy with the end result, i would also recommend removing the snow grate (look it up) for maximum noise.

  • Great quality

    Posted by Russell Bell on 20th Sep 2017

    Fitment was text book. Super snug, great construction.
    Def a lot more airflow now even though its just a slight change in bend angle. You can feel that extra torque immediately. Love it!

  • Excellent quality part

    Posted by Lucas Quenby on 27th May 2017

    Even though I don't have an aftermarket intake yet ( next month) this part does feel like it enhances throttle response slightly and I can also hear some induction noise now.

  • Hi flow turbo inlet

    Posted by Rob Gardner on 29th Jan 2017

    Very well made and fits perfectly.
    Easy installation.

  • R600 high flow intake pipe

    Posted by Unknown on 15th Nov 2016

    Good quality part would recommend to anyone that has a aftermarket intake

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