Vagbremtechnic 57.1mm Hub Spigot Extenders (Pair)

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SKU: VBT1111
quickcode: VBT-SPIGEXT(x2)
brands: Vagbremtechnic
part: Suspension
SubPart: Wheel Spacers

Vagbremtechnic 57.1mm Hub Spigot Extenders (Pair)


Vagbremtechnic hub spigot extenders for 57.1mm hubs.

When fitting wheel spacers, usually below 10mm, they are known as being NOT Hubcentric, this means that there is very little wheel contacting the hub for weight transfer, and in some cases no contact at all and all the weight of the car is going through the wheel bolts. 
With these hub extenders these tightly fit in to the OE hub and extends the hub length so that proper wheel to hub contact is made. Making sure that the weight of the car is put though the hub and not the wheel bolts. 

These extenders are a very tight fit in to the OE hub so for correct fitment proper cleaning of the hub is required. 

These are not compatible with the rear wheel

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Customer reviews

4 Reviews Write a Reviews
  • Does exactly as described

    Posted by George Penny on 8th Jun 2020

    Was getting some wheel vibration after fitting some 7mm spacers.
    This solved the problem. Spigot extenders fitted easily on the reverse of my Q3, but needed a bit of help on the front due to some corrosion. So had to polish this off, apply some copper grease and use a rubber mallet but all good.

  • Hub spigot extenders

    Posted by George Hudson on 6th Oct 2019

    Fitted 5mm wheel spacers at front had horrendous vibration fitted these extenders very easily worked perfect as described ..5*

  • Hub spigot extendrs

    Posted by barry slupek on 9th Jul 2019

    Easy to fit and sorted out the vibrations through steering wheel.... needed if not using hub centric spacers

  • Two thumbs up.

    Posted by Thomas Toget Pedersen on 6th Jun 2019

    This works great for its purpose. Can recommend.

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