RacingLine Performance True-Lock Magnetic Drain Plug With - 1.8T/2.0T EA888 Gen3

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RacingLine Performance True-Lock Magnetic Drain Plug With - 1.8T/2.0T EA888 Gen3


RacingLine Performance Magnetic Drain Plug With - 1.8T/2.0T EA888 Gen3

Our new Magnetic Sump Oil Drain Plug is now available for the 1.8 & 2.0 TSI EA888 gen3 and 2.0 TSI Gen3B engines. These engines use the plastic oil pan, meaning that normal metal, screw-in sump plugs simply can't be used.
Our new 'True-Lock' fitting system means that, at last, you can protect your engine.
Our unique 'True-Lock' fitting works with a simple quarter-turn to install the plug, then a PolyCarbonate locking ring ensures that it stays tight and sealed at all times. It's a lifetime-use plug - simply replace the O-ring at each service.

Kit Contents: 
• Magnetic Sump Plug
• Two rubber O-Ring seals
• PolyCarbonate Retaining Clip
• Two options for Locking Washer (for earlier and later sump designs)

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