Quick Shifts

Quick Shifts - An instant way to improve the feel of your gears - Quick shifts shorten the throw in the gear lever helping to give a much more positive feel when going through the cogs!

42 Draft Designs Shifter Bushing Kit

42 Draft VW Shifter Bushing Set - Mk4 5/6Speed MY02-05 Shifter bushing Tech guide   Eliminate sloppy shifts forever!Our CNC machined shifter cable bushings tighten up the movement of your shifter cables, literally connecting your hand to the gears...

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APR 1.8T & 2.0T Turbo Muffler Delete

APR is pleased to present the high flow, Turbo Muffler Delete for various 1.8T and 2.0T engines featuring an IHI turbo. Turbo Muffler Delete All too often OEM components must sacrifice various performance minded characteristics in an effort to appeal to...

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ECS Tuning Adjustable Short Shift Kit

Featuring 4 adjustable positions, and adjustable weights to get the exact feel you want! At last, a short shifter that gives you choices. Shift kits shorten shift throw, so you can get to the next gear faster. Problem is, shift feel can suffer in the...

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