RacingLine / Garrett Powermax Emissions Compliant Stage 3 Upgrade Package for EA888 Gen3 MQB Vehicles

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RacingLine / Garrett Powermax Emissions Compliant Stage 3 Upgrade Package for EA888 Gen3 MQB Vehicles

RacingLine / Garrett Powermax Emissions Compliant Stage 3 Upgrade Package for EA888 Gen3 MQB Vehicles
Introducing our 'Just add Fluids' Stage 3 Upgrade kit for the EA888 Gen3 MQB Vehicles
Items included: 
- RacingLine R600 Intake
- RacingLine R600 Silicone Hose
- RacingLine R600 Coolant Reroute Hose
- RacingLine Intercooler Kit
- Garrett Powermax 1 Turbocharger
- Turbocharger Install Hardware Kit (Gaskets/O-Rings/Clamp etc.)
- NGK Competition R7438-9 Spark Plug Set
- Mann Oil Filter
- RacingLine Magnetic Sump Plug 
- RacingLine PDM Flash at Home Tool
- RacingLine Engine ECU Software License 
- RacingLine Gearbox TCU Software License
Performance: When combined with the included Hardware and Software, upto 425hp and 390lb/ft of torque. 

RacingLine Performance Garrett Powermax Stage 3 Software 
Originally developed for vehicles with the GPF/OPF emissions control systems, Until now, the tuning options for these cars at higher-power stages have been limited, unless the owner is ready to illegally delete their GPF (Not Recommended!).
Alongside the team at RacingLine Performance, we have been working hard to develop legal solutions for GPF-equipped 2.0 TSI EA888.3 cars to combine great power gains but retain the all-important GPF; and our Garrett PowerMax GT2260S GPF package is the result. Producing 425bhp and 390lb/ft of torque - An absolute transformation!
Better still; this system is available for the 2014-2018 Non-OPF equipped models too! 

Our RacingLine / Garrett PowerMax package is the solution: very fast, very cost-effective, yet staying fully road-legal!

RacingLine Performance Dynamic Gearbox TCU Software
The RacingLine Performance Software TCU Dynamic Tuning is an essential upgrade to get the most out of any modified DSG or S-tronic car.
Several years of road and track development have given us the smartest transmission software on the market: by continually feeding the engine ECU’s torque demands through to the gearbox’s controller, the system dynamically calculates and adjusts the DSG’s variable clutch pressures to suit whatever your power output is.

Meaning that just one RacingLine TCU software upgrade will serve your car from standard, through Stage 1, right up to Stage 3 and beyond. So unlike some, there's no need for a new TCU calibration each time you increase your car’s performance

RacingLine PDM Flash At Home Tool
Welcome to PDM from RacingLine.
The Power Delivery Module allows you to access the full RacingLine Performance Software calibration suite for your car from your laptop or mobile device.

Quickly and safely reflash your Engine Control Unit (ECU) and DSG Transmission Control Unit (TCU) anywhere with a wifi/phone connection.

RacingLine R600 Intake Package
Well known as being not only the best selling; but also the best Intake kit on the market for the VAG MQB Platform vehicles; with this package deal you will get the RacingLine R600 Intake, Silicone hose, and Coolant Re-Route hose. 
Not only a stylish OEM styled upgrade for your engine bay; but also the very best airflow available for your car! 

RacingLine Intercooler Kit
By consistently reducing intake air temperatures (IAT), heat soak is minimised delivering increased performance again and again without the recovery cool-down times needed for the production intercooler.
The giant 56mm core depth of the system uses careful optimised fin design, delivering the ‘sweet spot’ of maximum IAT cooling versus minimum pressure loss. This has allowed us to achieve increased size without increased lag.

The Racingline Performance Intercooler System is a direct bolt-on replacement for the stock intercooler. It really is essential for every stage of tuning on any high performance MQB-platform car

NGK Competition Spark Plug Set R7438-9
This set of 4 NGK Racing Competition plugs are a competition replacement for the standard EA888 Gen3 Spark Plugs.
These differ to the other NGK Competition plugs in that they have a Angled Ground Strap type Electrode. This means that the internal ceramic is protected.

Garrett Powermax Turbo Charger (Stage 1) EA888.3 
Garrett Stage 1 Plug and Play Turbocharger for the VAG Group MQB vehicles with EA888 GEN 3 Engine
Garrett PowerMax direct fit performance turbocharger kits are engineered for increased engine performance while maintaining OEM direct fitment. With professional engine calibration and tuning, the optimized compressor aero will increase flow and outperform the stock turbocharger.

Designed for extreme performance, this upgrade turbocharger is actually not a hybrid turbocharger, it is it's own unique turbocharger developed from the ground up! All components of the turbocharger are extremely high quality and made from the finest materials. In addition to the compressor housing made especially for this turbocharger, an exhaust housing made of high-strength stainless steel with a greater exhaust gas throughput is used. The highlight is an extremely high-quality reverse rotating Garrett GT2260S center section with a MAR-M exhaust wheel designed for exhaust temperatures of up to 1050 ° C.

 Tuning Package Notes: 
- This Stage 3 Conversion is designed to work with the Factory Downpipe and Catalyst, and in the case of the 2019+ models, the original GPF emissions control systems.
- All you'll need to complete this setup is fresh Engine Oil of your Choice, and Fresh Anti-Freeze / Coolant - as well as a competent technician to install the parts! 
- 98RON Fuel Required to run with this upgrade 
- Vehicle Dynamics upgrades such as Suspension and Braking modifications are heavily recommended to run this level of power. 
- If you are an existing RacingLine Stage 1 or Stage 2 ECU, or Gearbox TCU Software Customer please contact us for an even better price.

If you are looking for a Fully Fitted quotation on this package or any other modifications, please call us here at Awesome on 0161 776 0777. 

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