ECS Tuning - Front and Rear Wave Cross-Drilled & Slotted 2-Piece Brake Discs

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ECS Tuning - Front and Rear Wave Cross-Drilled & Slotted 2-Piece Brake Discs

For models without factory ceramic disc brake option

Reduce weight. Reduce heat. Reduce warping. Full Floating.

ECS Tuning engineered 2-Piece Tru-Float wave style rotors offer real world benefits that can be felt on both the street and track! Our 2-Piece Tru-Float rotors combine the advantages of weight savings and rapid heat dissipation to provide a rotor superior to stock while preventing warping and extending component life. All-around improvement in one performance minded package.

Kit Includes: 

  • Front 2-Piece Tru-Float Wave Style Rotors (365x34) Left & Right
  • Rear 2-Piece Tru-Float Wave Style Rotors (330x22) Left & Right
  • Stainless Steel Brake Rotor Sets Screws - 4

*We did not include new brake pads with this kit so that the end user can determine which pads will best suit their needs. Brake pads can be found under the Braking>Pads section under your vehicle. 

Features include:

Weight savings: The RS5 ECS Front 2-Piece Tru-Float wave rotors weigh only 22.45 lb each, compared to the stock rotor at 23.25 lb. The reduced weight of a 2 piece rotor reduces unsprung weight and rotational inertia, improving suspension performance.

  • ​The unique wave pattern further reduces weight at the outer most portion of the rotor, reducing both unsprung weight and more importantly the rotational inertia of the rotor, further improving acceleration and braking performance compared to a non-wave design.           
  • Lightweight, precision machined 6061-T6 aluminum hat hard anodized with an attractive matte black finish that is both durable and corrosion resistant.

​Gray cast iron rings: High quality FC-30 cast iron with high a carbon content improves wear properties at elevated temperatures and has excellent thermal conductivity and vibration damping properties.  Friction surfaces are precision ground to ensure perfectly parallel surfaces and improve pad bed in, and rotors are precision balanced for vibration free operation. Heat treating reduces the tendency for rotor cracking by reducing internal rotor stresses.

Durability: Non-friction ring surfaces, including internal vents, are painted to resist salt and other corrosives.

Tru-Float design: 

  • The full float design allows independent radial and lateral thermal expansion and movement.  Both of these features reduce thermal stresses on the rotor due to uneven thermal loading under hard braking.
  • The full float design conducts less heat in to the bearings due to reduced contact area between the rotor and the hat, improving bearing life.
  • The radial expansion allows the ring to increase in diameter without being restrained by the hat, reducing the tendency to “cone” or distort toward the outer braking surface, improving pedal feel and pad wear characteristics
  • The lateral float capability allows the rotor to self-center between the pads, improving pad wear and reducing drag.  It also reduces the effects of pad knock back, which is the tendency of the rotor to push the pistons back in to the calipers due to wheel bearing deflection under extreme loading, resulting in a soft pedal and inconsistent braking.  Reducing or eliminating knock back by allowing the rotor to float and self-center results in a more consistent pedal feel and braking

​Improved cooling: 

  • ECS 2-Piece rotors feature side-specific directionally curved vanes which pump air through the rotor at a higher velocity, leading to consistent, rapid cooling on both sides equally.    
  • Conventional RS5 rotors are curved-vaned, but use the same rotor for both sides of the vehicle. This compromise inefficiently pumps air from the outer diameter to the inner diameter of one rotor, working against the natural centrifuge effect.  This significantly reduces air flow and thermal conductivity on one side of the vehicle, resulting in uneven braking cooling and performance from side to side.
  • Rotor rings feature 48 veins compared to 45 on the stock rotors and feature a whopping 55% increase in internal surface area to further improve cooling efficiency compared to the stock rotors.

​Drilled and slotted: 2-Piece Tru-Float rotors are cross drilled to promote cross ventilation for improved cooling as well as slotted to clean brake pads and carry away water and brake dust. Cleaner brake pads result in faster, more consistent stopping. Drilled holes are chamfered while slots are machined with a ball end mill - both to prevent cracking that may be present on improperly machined rotors.


Manufacturing quality: Manufactured exclusively for ECS Tuning in an ISO 9001 certified facility

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