VBT Disc and Pad Combo - MQB Platform 340mm F / 310mm R

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quickcode: VBT-COMBO-MQB
model: Golf Mk7
model: Leon Mk3
model: S3 8V
model: TT Mk3
model: Octavia Mk3
part: Brakes
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VBT Disc and Pad Combo - MQB Platform 340mm F / 310mm R

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VBT Disc and Pad Combo - MQB Platform 340mm F / 310mm R


Vagbremtechnic Disc and Pad Combo Deals
For MQB Vehicles running the 340mm Front Disc Setup and 310mm Rear Disc Setup

VBT Plain Discs: 
Vagbremtechnic Silver Coated high carbon steel brake discs, in a standard finish with no grooved patern. Looking for a Standard Replacement, these are the ones for you! 

Textar OEM Spec Pads
Built to the same standards as the original pads from Audi, or VW etc. These are a direct replacement brake pad for what you have in the car already. If you're happy with the standard fit pads, these are a good budget option built to fantastic standards. 

VBT Grooved Discs: 
Vagbremtechnic adapted the Grooved Design onto OEM discs for the customer looking for a disc with a performance style.
Vagbremtechnic take a High Carbon Steel Disc, and machine the handed 'Grooved' pattern into them, which is what separates these from a standard disc!

Mintex MRM1801 Fast Road Pads: 
Replacing M1144 road applications MRM1801 is a new medium friction compound specifically developed for fast road use and even and light track days!

With an average friction of 0.46mu, The MRM1801 compound offers the renowned low temperature bite and performance of M1144 making it perfect for the daily commute.
When used on the track however and MRM1801 really shines utilising a newly developed thermal underlayer; increasing feel, high temperature performance and longevity.
These pads are EEC Regulation 90 approved MRM1801 is also Eco friendly to Euro 4 standard, with no copper or other rare earth resources.

Not suitable for the Mk3 Audi TTS
Not suitable for vehicles with Mechanical Hand Brake

Looking to take your braking setup a little further? 
We also stock RacingLine Brake Hoses: HERE
And the RacingLine Brake Fluid: HERE

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